On Track with Veggies at the Winter Conference

FellenzFarmHighTunnelsIn less than two weeks, our NOFA-NY Winter Conference in Saratoga Springs begins!

From reduced tillage options, pack shed design, and food safety to high tunnel planning, equipment selection and safety…the conference offers a diverse program with something for ALL vegetable growers. Whether you’re just starting or have grown produce for years, whether you have a micro farm or a larger farm, no matter what type of vegetable operation you have or are contemplating, you’ll find intriguing and hopefully enlightening workshops at this year’s conference.

Friday morning, January 22, the conference starts with ideas for reducing tillage from Four Winds Farm, Goranson Farm and researchers from Cornell University. Thanks to Fellenz Family Farm, Cornell Vegetable Program, and NCAT, high tunnels will be featured Friday afternoon and Saturday morning with High Tunnels: Maximize Your Profit and Productivity and High Tunnel Planning and Soil Management.

11755083_574825739322574_4740762265749699658_nSaturday’s three-hour intensive from 1:15-4:30 pm, High Tunnels: Maximize Your Profit and Productivity will share the results of a two-year, 20 farm study looking at long-term soil health and fertility in a high tunnel, coupled with techniques based on greenhouse practices for maximizing high tunnel productivity and profit. Saturday morning, High Tunnel Planning and Soil Management will outline the basics for starting up a high tunnel on your farm while addressing soil health and fertility concerns.

Right before lunch on Saturday, you’ll have an opportunity to learn the Swede Midgecurrent state of the art from Cornell’s Vegetable Program for organic controls for swede midge in Swede Midge: What Brassica Growers Should Know.

The Pack Shed will be the focus after lunch. If you’re interested in improving the efficiency of your pack shed, considering new equipment for the pack shed, or want to ensure that your post-harvest handling practices are sound, consider attending the Pack Shed Sanitation for Produce Safety and Pack Shed Design and Equipment for the Mixed Vegetable Farm workshops on Saturday afternoon. Presenters include Pleasant Valley Farm, Early Morning Farm, and Cornell University.

Sunday morning will start with soil health and disease management from the perspective of cover crops in Managing Soil Health and Crop Diseases with Brassica Cover Crops (Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ulster County). This is followed by Incorporating Seed Production in a Small-Scale Vegetable Rotation with Erin Enouen and Sam Zurofsky from Long Season Farm and the Hudson Valley Seed Library on how to integrate seedimg_4549
production into a mixed vegetable operation. All in all, this year’s conference will offer a very diverse program that will provide lots of learning opportunities for vegetable growers.





Learn about Livestock at NOFA-NY’s Annual Winter Conference!

Whether you’re interested in horses, honeybees, small ruminants, meat marketing or biosecurity, NOFA-NY’s Annual Winter Conference (January 22-24 in Saratoga) has something for you. We’re excited to boast two exceptional half-day intensive workshops in this year’s Livestock Track. And registration is open online through January 15.


Be sure not to miss Karma and Michael Glos of Kingbird Farm and Erika Frenay of Cornell’s Small Farms Program as they present on Organic Broiler Production. Karma and Michael Glos are long time organic farmers who own and operate Kingbird Farm in Berkshire, NY along with their daughter Rosemary. Kingbird Farm offers a diverse product list from herbs and vegetables to a variety of meats. Michael and Karma are sought out for their expertise in organic farming practices.Visit the farm’s website to learn more about their diversified operation.


Erika Frenay is the Online Course Manager for Cornell’s Small Farms ShelterbeltFarmProgram; she and her husband also raise vegetables, mushrooms, berries and poultry on Shelterbelt Farm. Check out their Facebook page to see all that they do.

If you’re interested in learning more about recent research findings for managing parasites in small ruminants, our half-day intensive workshop with Dr. Tatiana Stanton from Cornell University’s Department of Animal Science and James Kotcon from West Virginia University will feature just that.

Join us to learn the latest findings in Copper Oxide Wire Particle and high tannin forage trials to combat worms in sheep and goats. You’ll also gain knowledge on how to develop heavy stands of Birdsfoot Trefoil.

kingbirdfarmhorsesOur Saturday and Sunday Livestock program includes interesting topics from Silvopasture to Poultry Feed and Draft Power. You can find the complete listings in our conference brochure. Please contact our office with any questions concerning the Winter Conference at (585) 271-1979 or email register@nofany.org

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you later this month!