“Grow” Your Grain & Field Crops Knowledge at Next Month’s Winter Conference


Considering where you want to spend your time at our 2016 Winter Conference? The Grains and Field Crops track has eight wonderfully diverse workshops, all serving our conference theme of “Good Hard Work.”

In the “growing” category:

  • George Wright from Castor River Farm in Metcalfe, Ontario, explains how his FrankferdFarmshull-less oats have become a popular breakfast cereal
  • Lyle Ferderber from Frankferd Farms Food shares his nearly 40 year-old story of how his farm still grows and mills local grain, and
  • Michael Cohen from Community Sharecroppers leads a discussion with other Capital District gardeners on how you can grow wheat on a small and affordable scale

Find a market and get to market:

  • Frankferd Farms Food takes you through the process of finding a
    market by creating products for local and regional customers
  • Half the grains sold by Castor River Farm are gluten free; learn from this expert on getting the popular gluten-free grains to market

Sharpen your skills by sharpening your blade:scythe

  • Take part in an interactive demonstration of peening and sharpening the European scythe blade by Emily Guirl and Elizabeth Benjamin from Scythe Supply.

How’s Your Soil’s Health?:

  • Cornell University’s Soil Guru Robert Schindelbeck provides comprehensive soil health assessment tools to guide soil management.

Heritage Grain Renaissance in the 21st Century:

You still can register now by visiting our website. For questions or if you would like additional information, please feel free to call our office at 585-271-1979 ext. 1. Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you in Saratoga Spring next month, January 22-24.


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