Top 5 Signs That Spring is Coming!

Here are the top 5 signs that Spring is starting to overcome the unending Winter on my place:

#5:  Although it was 15 degrees this morning and it snowed last night, the sun is so fierce it melted the snow off my road before noon, no plowing needed!  Dave the Dog approves!clear road

#4:  There is evidence that mud season is coming!  I see my footprint!  Get ready with the mops!Mud Season

#3:  If it has fur, it’s shedding.  A LOT!  I saw some birds collecting this stuff the other day, and I anticipate some white German Shepherd Dog hair nests are in the making!Shedding

#2:  I was able to open the barn door easily, all the way, and with one hand!  The first time in months that this did not require some combination of shoveling snow, chopping ice, and two-handed yanking and pulling with all my might to get a 2-foot opening for me to squeeze through.Barn Door

#1:  There are NOFA-NY event signs popping up across the State – it’s Field Day Season!  I hosted my first field day this year on March 9th at Lakestone Family Farm in Shortsville, NY.  One field day down, 25 more to come!NOFA-NY Field Day Season

Do you have a favorite photo of a sign of Spring?  Share it with us by emailing with your photo and a caption and we will post our favorites to our Facebook page!