How Many Root Veggies Does It Take To Make A Mermaid?

Anne in the Field

IMG_0709Freshly back from our 2015 Winter Conference,  many revelations, inspirations, and questions are rumbling through my mind.   It is at times mind boggling to process the range of science and creativity that one can experience at this conference. One minute I was hearing the legendary Wes Jackson, president of the Land Institute, discuss the science of soil health and proposing a new paradigm in farming. The next I was walking past the display of wildly creative root vegetable creatures imagined by the children.

Voting at the membership meeting Voting at the membership meeting

While we are still counting the final numbers, we had well over 1,000 people attend more than 87 workshops and presentations over 3 days.   Someone suggested I should do the math on how many person-hours were involved in this conference. We had roughly 46,000 person-hours of learning, sharing, and fun created by about 18,000 person hours of planning, preparation, teaching, and serving.  …

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