Vote for Food Policy

Tomorrow–November 4th–is election day! This run-down of research tools for policital action comes to us thanks to Education Department Intern, Brittany Mendez:

Researching politics online may seem like a shot in the dark, so we wanted to do some of the work for you. Below are some links that will cut the research process down for you, so you can focus on finding out which representatives value the same things you do. Food policy does trickle down to affect us all on the local level, so let’s use this Election Day as an opportunity to influence it for the better.

greens in sunlight

GovTrack will help you identify who is currently representing your district in the House of Representatives. This is based on your Congressional District, which you can find by inserting your address in the search bar. Follow the links of each of your Representatives’ names. These will provide you with their contact information, websites, and the bills they have supported in the past, as well as their recent legislative activity.

To find out how your current representative has voted on food and agricultural issues, use the Food Policy tool that allows you to enter your zip code and see how current representatives have voted on legislation (represented as a positive or negative vote for food policies, based on that organization’s values).

Vote Smart is a great way to find out who is currently in the running to represent you, as well as where they stand on some general topics.

The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition can keep you informed on what is currently going on in food and farming policy on the federal level.

Environmental Advocates of New York will provide you with a summary of bills that were recently introduced in Legislative Committees or the State Senate and Assembly and how they will impact the environment.

For future reference, if you are not yet registered to vote, this link will bring you to a page where you can find out where to register, based on what county in New York State you live in. The office that corresponds to your county will also be able to tell you where you need to go on election days in the future.


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